Friday, April 29, 2011

Orly It's Not Rocket Science

I know this has been on every nail blog on the planet by now but I am only just getting around to it. Pretty bad, right? Anyways, Orly It's Not Rocket Science is from the Cosmic fx collection- which when it came out I picked up 4 polishes and all of them weren't quite as great as the hype had made them seem (yes, including Space Cadet) but It's Not Rocket Science won me over. It's nothing overly complicated but it's super GREEN and super SPARKLY.

I think my initial disappointment in this collection was how ridiculously over the top Orly was about how *~unique~* these were (The MINERALFX technology includes specialty mica, that allows for a clearer, vibrantly bright lustrous shimmer. Crystals allow for a multi-dimensional color transformation. Glass particles carefully controlled in shape and size create a luminous phenomenon. This combination infused with the Silica and specific colors selected create this exclusive technology that gives nails a unique optical effect that’s magnified as the lighting source intensifies or viewing angle changes.- SOUNDS PRETTY MAGICAL RIGHT?). When the press release for these came out I was super pumped up, coudn't wait to get my hands on them...but while the colors were unique, they weren't that uber special. And they weren't unique for long, as at least a couple of these shades have probably close to a dozen dupes by now- Space Cadet and Haley's Comet.

These shades were really prettier in the bottle- they shift beautifully from shade to shade but once on my nails I really didn't notice it other than obvious differences in the sun/shade. INRS is a hard to describe green in my opinion. It has a darker green base with chartreuse specks of shimmer. 3 coats.

I'm done with my mini rant now- you may enjoy swatches below if you are still reading ;)

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Psychedelic Sunrise FOTD

Products used:
UDPP in Eden
NYX Milk pencil
Manly 120 palette (all eyeshadow and waterline)
L'oreal Telescopic liquid liner
MAC Dollymix blush

Like I said last time, really need to start taking pics to remember what I used. I'm sorry I'm horrible guys! I just never use the same mascara/foundation/powder :(

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Berry Blue FOTD

Products Used:
Manly 120 palette (all shadow)
Prestige liquid liner in Azure
MAC Sweetness Blush
MAC Viva Glam Gaga lipstick

I need to start snapping a picture of everything I use because I never remember everything :(

Monday, April 25, 2011

Frankening: Kacey & Chaos

I don't do a lot of frankening, although I would like to. I never have empties! I decided to mix up a couple to add to a care package I'm working on. Custom mixed polish should brighten anyones day, right?

First there is the one I am calling Chaos. I found a recipe similar to Deborah Lippman's Glitter in the Air over on the tumblr blog nailingit! I played around with it a little and added a couple of things. Here is what went into mine:
OPI I Juggle...Men (about halfway)
Wet n Wild cheapie white
China Glaze For Audrey (just a drop or two)
Wet n Wild Party of Five
Milani Gems
Kleancolor Fireworks

I did a few drops each of the glitters so I could have a good variety of color and size mixed in. I Juggle Men didn't do what I was hoping, although it had looked different when I was playing around with the combo in smaller amounts. Since these bottles are going to someone else and they are mini bottles I only did test swatches. I really want to make a full bottle of this soon! And try it out in a different base color. Please ignore my cuticles and the mess, this is right after I was done mixing everything.

And then I mixed this one, Kacey. I knew I wanted pink and glitter...
Milani HD
China Glaze Pool Party
Milani Disco Lights

Okay, HD breaks down really awesome I think. It makes both fine holo bits and square glitter like bits. Yum!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Beauty Blog Link Love!

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Beauty Crazed is giving away more makeup then any sane person could possibly want - but who said you were sane? So go enter already!

Beauty Info Zone is celebrating their year anniversary with contests galore. Visit to see the latest MAC giveaway!
Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Leafy Paradise FOTD using Manly 120

Name skillfully chosen by my hubby ;) As I've mentioned I'm trying to get out of doing neutral eyes every day, lately I've been choosing a color from my Manly 120 palette and then working around that (or having my the hubs choose one). This one started with a granny apple green...

Products used:
MAC Painterly Paint Pot (base)
NYX Milk Pencil (as base and on waterline with shadow applied on top)
Urban Decay X blush
NYC Liquid Lipshine in City's Clear

I really don't remember what I used on my eyes otherwise (mascara and liner!)

(bonus husband caught gaming in the background :D)

Saturday, April 16, 2011

OCC polish Part 2: RX, Echo, Tattoo

I recently had the chance to review some nailpolishes from Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics. I have heard a literal ton of reviews on their Lip Tars but barely anything about their polishes. Today I have half of the shades I tried. I was saving the best for last! To see the first part, please click here. I'm going to just jump into the awesomeness of these!

RX- described as "A SHEER WASH OF FLUORESCENT BLUE (SHEER)". Well, I'm not sure I would call this sheer (despite what my camera says, in most lighting this had no VNL, my camera is just like that). This is 3 coats, so I suppose you could do a single coat and where this sheer. I like it this way, it's almost got a plastic finish to it. I like that this is pretty darn fluorescent and isn't super sheer, uneven and doesn't dry matte- things that I always seem to find with brights. This is what I wanted Color Club's Chelsea Girl to be.

Echo- described as "DARKEST TEAL-TONED BLUE (OPAQUE, SATIN)". When I pulled this polish out I had to just gaze at how gorgeous this peacock teal polish is. This color is dark but unlike some polishes, still holds a strong punch of color. Excuse my application, I don't know what it is about darker polishes that make my hands go crazy and suck at polish application! This is 2 coats, fabulous creamy consistency on application. This is also the polish my mother wore and said she couldn't pick off (with no top or base coats). Maybe my bad application was due to my excitement to slap on the next polish...

Tattoo- described as "FADED GREENISH BLACK TATTOO-TONE (OPAQUE, SATIN)". Luckily none of my tattoos have faded to this point yet, but I love the inspiration! The closest I have in my collection to this is Orly Enchanted Forest, but it doesn't compare at all. Like with Echo, this color is dark but you can clearly tell it isn't straight black. This also had the same awesome creamy consistency as Echo, and was almost a 1 coater (!!!). As soon as I had this on I knew what I had to do...

I absolutely freaking LOVE this! It reminds me of a blackboard (but, you know, a green blackboard). I wore it like this for 4 days before I ended up with...

I ended up adding a coat of OPI Glow Up Already! on a whim. The best part? This photo is taken on day 6 of wear! Not only did I not use a normal top coat, but both matte and glitter chip like crazy on me. 6 days of wear is AMAZING. And if I wasn't ready to change my polish I could easily get a few more days. Seriously, I couldn't pick this off when I tried.

OCC polish is available on their website and retail for $8 a bottle.

See anything you like in this post? Do you love Tattoo as much as I do?
*this post contains products provided for review, this in no way alters my review.
Friday, April 15, 2011

Trying to get my creativity back FOTD

Products used:
MAC Bare Study paint pot (base)
Fyrinnae Marshmallow Puffs (highlight)
Fyrinnae Pearl Sun (inner corner)
Fyrinnae Bifrost
Fyrinnae Bali Mynah (outer lid)
MAC Violet pigment (above crease)
MAC Vis-a-violet pigment (inner crease)
MAC Deep Purple pigment (crease)
Fyrinnae Harlequin (because the crease just wasn't dark enough)
L'oreal Telescopic waterproof eyeliner
Cover Girl Lash Blast Length
L'oreal Photoready in Shell
Urban Decay X blush
MAC Fix +

Thursday, April 14, 2011

OCC polish Part 1: A.V., Flawed, Hush

I recently had the chance to review some nailpolishes from Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics. I have heard a literal ton of reviews on their Lip Tars but barely anything about their polishes. Today I have half of the shades I tried, I'm saving my favorites for last so look out for the second part on Saturday :) So how does OCC polish stand up?

Most of these polishes took 2 coats, and for the majority they had a great consistency. The thing I really want to mention about these polishes though is wear time. I put one of these on after swatching and it went CHIP FREE for 6 days- no touch-ups. I didn't even use top coat! Just a slathering of Seche Clear as a base. Instead of top coat I decided I would be cruel and put a matte coat over- knowing perfectly well that I've never had a matte mani hold up longer than a day. Just wait- I'll show you proof in my next post! And this isn't a freak occurrence, my mother tried on a shade and found that she couldn't even pick it off- with no base or top coat. To me, that says something.

A.V.- is described as "PEARL GREY WITH RAINBOW MICROGLITTER INLAY (OPAQUE, SATIN)" but it seems a little more like a very very light baby blue to me. What do you think? In bottle this color is gorgeous, loaded with glitter (just check out the bottle in the photo). The glitter however did not translate to the nail :( It seems that the base is too opaque (this is 2 coats) to let the glitter shine through and it is a shame. The color is pretty on it's own- I don't have anything quite like it- and it does have a lovely shimmer to it. But the glitter makes it bumpy. I may try this with a glitter topcoat to see how that works out!

Flawed- described on their site as "SANDSTONE WITH A GOLD/BRONZE OVERLAY (METALLIC)". I find this shade to be a little hard to describe, but I think they do it well. This isn't a standard gold polish- a little bit dirty almost. Not the kind of metallic I was expecting, when I think of metallic I think of China Glaze Tronica- but maybe that's me. I do think I like it better with this finish though. The formula on this one was a little thinner, so I used 3 coats. There is still a little bit of VNL at some angles, but don't let that scare you!

Hush- described on their site as "SOFT, ANTIQUE PINK - SATIN" This is so pretty! Perfectly girly, dusty rose pink. I really really love the dusty antique tone, and this is super shiny on it's own. While not the most exciting color this is a perfect work-safe option. The application was great- 2 coats.

OCC polish is available on their website and retails for $8 a bottle.

Have you tried any OCC products? See anything you'd like to try?

*this post contains products provided for review, this in no way alters my review.
Wednesday, April 13, 2011

5 Fantastic Red Lipsticks


Anyone wanna split OCC lip tars?

I have been wanting to try OCC lip tars for a long time but the price tag is a little too much for me right now, would anyone want to split the tubes with me? I've seen a lot of people looking for samples. It would be into a jar type of your choice, because of lack of OJ I we can split it $6/6.50 a tube, half shipping fee and I'll ship it from here to you. Looking to try 4-5 shades. These are the ones I want to try to make sure we both want the same colors of course! The only shade I really really really want to order is Feathered (for mixing). Hit me up at and we can work out something :)

Cha Cha

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