Tuesday, August 31, 2010

2 EOTDs using Shiro cosmetics

Sorry for no nail related content but everything I have is on my external hard drive and I do not feel like going to get it and hook it up right now (yes, lazy :P) so I bring you these from my desktop! I have a review of Shiro and swatches for you too but that is for another night.

Whenever I get new makeup I need to IMMEDIATELY play with ALL of it so I end up doing a look on each eye lol, thus why you only get half a face! Does anyone else do this?

Products used:
Shiro Pikachu (love this! yellow with red glitter)
Shiro Bulbasaur
Shiro Wobbuffet
Manly 120 palette (highlight/brows)
Loreal telescopic liquid eyeliner
Maybelline The Falsies mascara

Products used:
Shiro Spiritomb
Shiro Gengar
Shiro Steelix
Manly 120 palette (highlight/brows)
Loreal telescopic liquid eyeliner
Maybelline The Falsies mascara
MAC C-thru lipglass

Both hair accessories are from ebay ($2.25 each- w0ot! And upon looking at these photos I decided I needed to work on my brows and totally shaped and tamed them last night- what a pain! And my hair is way brighter than these pictures show- neon!
Saturday, August 28, 2010

ISO: Absolutely Alice

I'm not sure I trust ebay so I figured I'd ask you lovelies. Anyone have a bottle of OPI Absolutely Alice I can buy off of them? I don't mind used. Let me know if you do, please! :)
Friday, August 27, 2010

Red & Cherries using fimo nail art

This is a quick post, I hurt my finger and it hurts to type :( I'll write more on that (including gross pictures) soon but I will leave you with this for the night.

I used:
SH Rapid Red insta-dri
SH Whirlwind White insta-dri
old Maybelline Colorama orange flakie with no label
cherry fimo nail art stick

Have you tried fimo sticks at all? Cute or not your style? Let me know!
Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Confetti Pink Paradise- OPI Bubble Bath dupe

I am totally loving Confetti. I've yet to try a bad polish and at $1.99 a bottle that is really saying something. I have some other Confetti swatches for you but only one today. I wanted to give this one its own post because it is either damned close or a total dupe for OPI Bubble Bath. Pink Paradise is a pretty pale sheer pink. I needed 3 coats to be satisfied with coverage. I think this would have gone on a little better if I wasn't so speedy when I swatch but it is pretty darn good on all fingers but the middle...
Confetti Pink Paradise- 3 coats

OPI Bubble Bath vs Confetti Pink Paradise bottles

OPI Bubble Bath vs Confetti Pink Paradise- 3 coats each

OPI Bubble Bath vs Confetti Pink Paradise

I think that BB could have used a 4th coat (especially on the pointer) but if you look in the first picture they are pretty darn close- especially on the middle and ring fingers. PP might be a slight smidgen whiter than BB. What do you think?

And here is a picture of Apollo wearing a giraffe hat. She sees wut u did thar.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Sula Giveaway!

Now you can try Sula Paint & Peel! Two lucky followers will win products from Sula Beauty!

Prize #1:
-Paint & Peel trio in Powder (polishes in Naked, Horizon and Azure)
-Paint & Peel & Lasting Love top coat polish duo in Bubble Gum*
-Vanilla Blossom perfume oil roll on
Prize #2:

-Paint & Peel in Haze*

This giveaway will run until September 8th 2010 at 6:oopm eastern time. All items are brand new.

To enter:
Leave a comment with your email address- you must be a follower (I will be checking)
Extra entry:
Make a post about this giveaway and link me back to it in a separate comment. Feel free to take the photos from this post if you would like.

Good luck!

*prizes provided by Sula Beauty

Sula Beauty Paint & Peel Review and Swatches

Sula Beauty makes a very unique product in Paint & Peel. Here are a few points that make it an interesting product:
  • "It is a water-based product that smells like... nothing! Sula Paint & Peel™ has a "Big 3-Free" formulation that is free from Formaldehyde, Toluene and Phthalates - the smelly stuff, and is also free of the remaining cancer-linked ingredients still found in standard polish."
  • It is designed to be "makeup" for the nails. At the end of the day you can peel it off!
  • If you choose to you can throw a top coat on and wear it like any other polish.
Maybe it's just me but I'm a picker. So being able to pick/peel off my polish at the end of the night is just delightful for me.

These apply just like any other polish. The smell of these reminds me of water color paints- very mild. On the site they say 2 coats should do it but I found with the ones I tried 3 coats was needed. When you first brush them on the color is lighter than they are when dry (example later on). These take about 2 minutes to set. While they dry they have a weird "rubbery" look to them but after it sets that goes away. You should avoid hot water for 3 hours to allow it to fully harden which can be a little inconvenient.

So do they stay on through the day? Yes. I've had a little lifting at the edges if I've been doing housework but nothing that makes it unwearable. I can wear these for about 2 days before peeling them off. If I take a hot bath or do dishes is the biggest problem I've had.

Do they peel? Yes. Not quite as easy as I was expecting but they do. I can see these being awesome for travel.

Would I regularly use them? For me, I would wear them once in a while. I typically change my polish every day or two at the most so prolonged wear isn't really my thing. The option to add a top coat could probably make these work for a lot of people though and the water-based formula would be great for little polish lovers.

These come in full sized bottles (.37 fl oz) for $9.oo which have a rubber coated top or trios of mini bottles (.17 fl oz) for $14.oo and are available at sulabeauty.com
Haze, Horizon and Watermelon

Horizon, Haze and Watermelon



Pastel trio- Shadow, Blush, Haze

Vanilla Blossom Perfume Oil- how cute is the simple packaging!

Paint and Peel & Lasting Love top coat in Dove and Bubble Gum.

Shadow- I hated this color! It looks disgusting on my nails :(

Peeled polish! (excuse my nasty yellow nail!)




Watermelon (look at that poor broken thumb nail- boo!)

Would you like to try Paint & Peel? What do you think of the idea?

*some products in this post were sent to me for review, this does not influence my opinion in any way
Saturday, August 21, 2010

Almost to 500!

I just wanted to say thank you! I'm 2 away from 500 followers and I'm so proud :) When I started this blog I never thought I would get to 100 followers but 500! Thanks to everyone who reads, comments and contributes!

I was planning on updating but realized my external hard drive I keep everything on is unplugged and I just don't feel like messing with the wires before going to bed, so I'll probably update tomorrow night.

And when I reach 500 I have a small giveaway for a unique nail product and company, so if you haven't already please follow! I swear my blog is a fun time!

Good night everyone and thanks again for reading :)
Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Sally Girl Sparkle Effects Gel Adhesive for Glitter

Sally Girl Sparkle Effects Gel Adhesive for Glitter is a clear liquid in a small tube that sells for 99 cents (94 with card). After trying a few glitter "gel" eyeshadows that failed massively I gave this a try. I love over the top and glittery things so...yay! This stuff once squeezed out is really watery, kinda hard to control but once you put it on (with your finger or brush) and let it sit for a few seconds you can pat on glitter and...it works! It didn't crease and make a huge mess like everything else.

Sally Girl also sells small vials of glitter for the same price. Here are some "swatches" of the 2 glitters I started out with on my plain eyelid.
Princess Pink glitter (with eyeliner) over gel adhesive on bare lid

Lavish Lavender glitter over gel adhesive on bare lid

Lavish Lavender glitter over lavender eyeshadow, worn for a night out.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

4 colors from China Glaze: Vintage Vixen

I know everyone has been swatching these, sorry! When they first announced the Vintage Vixen collection I was extremely excited. But once I checked out swatches my initial excitement died quite a bit. I only ended up picking up 4 colors from this collection (although I may pick up Riveter Rouge despite my hatred of reds). I feel like a lot of these colors I've already seen but the theme is what got me, I love it! Anyways, I ended up absolutely loving the ones I got, here are my swatches:

Swing Baby. A gorgeous taupe metallic. I feel like this leans rose gold a bit. This is highly reflective, my flash bounced beautifully off of this. A very unique metallic polish!

Classic Camel. Caramel yellow-beigey goodness. I can't think of another polish anything like this one. It has some lovely gold flecks mixed in. There are a few bald spots in my swatches but I think that was my impatient application. I had a horrible feeling this would wash me out but I don't think so, thoughts?

Jitterbug. Another unique metallic polish. Charcoal gray, loaded with silver glitter. Nothing much to say on this but once again, love it.

Ingrid. Alright, I totally absolutely freaking LOVE this polish. I didn't want to take it off when I was swatching. Warm comfy brown with loads of light gold shimmer. This is my ideal fall polish and I can't wait to put this back on my fingers!

So, did you pick up anything from Vintage Vixens?
Sunday, August 15, 2010

5 EOTDs using Fyrinnae & review

First, let me get the review out of the way.

I'll start by saying this isn't my first order with Fyrinnae. In fact, I think my first order was around 5 years ago so they aren't new to me. I've always been extremely satisfied with their eyeshadows and have only had a couple that were PITAs to apply out of around 90 shades I've tried. Before I placed my first order with them I had used a lot of MAC pigments and I will say I had a lot more dud pigments out of a fewer number.

One of the reasons I enjoy ordering from them is their colors are very original. I've poked around a lot of similar companies but nothing quite catches my eye. Their love of strange color combos, vivid bright colors and creativity in my opinion has really set them apart. Their site is also easy to navigate, which is a must for me and I love the product names.

The one thing you should note is the time frame on the front page. When I ordered it said 18-22 business days but it only took 9 business days for me to receive my order and they even had an extra delay. I've never had it take as long as stated on the front page, no saying it never happens though.

If you haven't tried them before, I greatly recommend you do! They have a huge selection and something for every eyeshadow lover. They have mini sizes (which aren't that mini!) that sell for $2- and you can order up to 20 at a time. Free shipping over $20 (and low shipping costs otherwise) is a lovely perk too.

Now onto the EOTDs! Please excuse my eyebrows, I always seem to miss hairs when plucking :/
All products used are Fyrinnae unless otherwise stated.

Look #1:

Products used:
Pixie Epoxy
Parental Advisory
The Randy Ferret
Winter Again (highlight)
Maybelline The Falsies Mascara
L'Oreal Telescopic Carbon Black liquid liner

MAC Jazzed

MAC Peaches

Look #2:

Products Used:
Pixie Epoxy
The Randy Ferret (liner)
Winter Again (highlight)
L'Oreal Telescopic Explosion Mascara

Look #3:

Products Used:
Pixie Epoxy
Cookie Dough
Polar Bear
L'Oreal Telescopic Explosion Mascara
Prestige Liquid liner in Legend

Look #4:

Products Used:
Pearl Sun
We're All Mad Here
Manly 120 palette (only highlight)
Maybelline The Falsies mascara
L'Oreal Telescopic Carbon Black liquid liner
Prestige liquid liner in Pop Star

Revlon Fuschia Fusion

MAC Dollymix

Look #5:

Products Used
Marshmallow Puffs
Sugar Skulls
Twinkle Twinkle Little Bat
Manly 120 palette (only highlight)
Maybelline The Falsies mascara
L'Oreal Telescopic Carbon Black liquid liner

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