Sunday, August 15, 2010

Fyrinnae swatch pic-spam (pic heavy!)

I warned you ;) All of these can be clicked to make them bigger (and I recommend it to get maximum gorgeous sparkliness all up in your retinas). And these photos don't quite do them justice!

Right after I post this I'm going to post 3 EOTDs using these shadows and a review, so if you want to see these "in action" stay tuned.

Wicked- slighty dusty dark purple with turquoise blue shimmer. Strangely, when I look at it with the jar closed it looks totally blue.

Twinkle Twinkle Little Bat- This was a free sample they sent with my order and I'm glad, I wouldn't have picked this one on my own but it's lovely. It's a purpleish-pink that is hard to describe.
Ultrasuede- I picked this one up in need of a good dark crease for my neutral looks. Gorgeous dark dusty brown. Seriously, think of the color of brown suede and you're on the right track.
Sugar Skulls- I am totally in love with this shade. It's pink with gold shimmer. Think China Glaze Strawberry Fields in eyeshadow form. Uh, fabulous. And I think the name for this one is perfect.
Treacle-Well- This is a creamy soft (both in texture and color) but still bright orange with very very slight shimmer. Haven't quite decided what to pair this with yet.
Sennyo- Brillant purple leaning pink with silver shimmer. Manages to be a little bit dark but still bright somehow. This is my favorite of their purples I've used so far and that is saying something.
Sea Turtle- This shade is really hard to describe. It's a green somewhere between army and sage, a little bit gray with clashing lavender shimmer. Very unique and pretty.
The Randy Ferret- Dark green- leaning teal with a little bit of pink/purple shimmer. Why haven't I worn this as a smoky eye yet, I bet that would be gorgeous!
Pumpkinfire- there is no doing this justice in photos. Black with fiery coppery orange. Very very shimmery and sparkley and what a beauty.
Polar Bear- Very shimmery white gold. When applied wet this is so deliciously shiny and foiled. I love this paired with cookie dough for a wearable look.
Marshmallow Puffs- My go to white shade. Not at all chalky, applies better than any other I've used. They call the finish satin, which is the best I can use to describe it. And I totally spelled marshmallow wrong in the swatch lol.
We're All Mad Here- Brilliant lime green, leaning towards being chartreuse depending on how the light hits.
Immortality- Think black holo polish and then think of it in eyeshadow form and you have immortality. I can't get enough of this shade. Black with a rainbow of glitter. You seriously have to view this photo larger and check out the with flash half- look at those multi-colored lens flares! And I'm NOT using a filter on my camera- it's just that gorgeous.
The Fancy Lad- Similar to Sugar Skulls but a little more raspberry than strawberry and with light green shimmer- but I love the two paired together.
Cookie Dough- It really does look like cookie dough (yummm). I'm just going to use their description for this one: Satiny light taupe. It is nice and silky and great for the base of a gold, smoky brown or neutral eye.
Changeling- Dark brooding eggplant purple with gold gorgeous shimmer.
Bifrost- Vivid lemon yellow with shimmer (I want to say a pinch of blue but not sure). The brightest yellow I've found (at least that didn't frustrate me with bad application)


Anonymous said...

Wow, really complex post! Love it. Oh, and btw, I love your hair too! I wish I was that courageous and wear it like that... Awesome post, again!

MartianDelights said...

wow - amazing post - just shows how crazy those eyeshadows are !

Jennifae said...

Hi! New follower here! :) Thanks for the awesome swatches. I LOVE Fyrinnae! ^_^

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