Wednesday, July 28, 2010

How to remove polish stains

We've all been there, pretty blue polish that is so darn eye catching...and then you remove it and you're left with poor blue stained nails. You try everything to get rid of it but nothing seems to work besides buffing them down and that kills your nails so...what to do? In my case (and quite possibly yours if your an addict) I also have some nasty yellowing on mine that this trick also helps with.

I've tried the hydrogen peroxide trick, didn't work. They sell fizzing nail whitener treatments but they are pricey. Denture tablets are okay but for what they cost you can pick up a huge box of baking soda (BS) and jug of apple cider vinegar (ACV) that do the same exact thing (in my opinion even better) and can be used for many other beauty treatments and things around the house.

So here is how I handle bad nail staining:

My yicky stained nails! Blech.

In a nail dish (or anything you want to use) put some water, enough to submerge your nails in. To that add a couple tablespoons of ACV. Now for the next step there are two choices: put your nails in first and then sprinkle the BS over, into the water or add the BS and then stick your hand in quick.
Bubble action on the nails!

The ACV mixed with the BS causes a bubbly and foamy reaction. I let my nails soak for a minute and then take a nail brush and scrub for a second, then let them soak a couple more minutes. In the end I come out with...

Much better! Almost no blue stains left! If you make this part of your routine it can help with the yellowing, although nothing seems to really really budge it (including months of using nail whitener).

So readers, do you have any nail whitening tricks or tips? If you try this let me know how you make out!


hiitscaila said...

Awesome tip, thanks for this!
My nails are yellowing as well, and it doesnt seem like a huge problem to me most of the time since I have polish on 95% of the time, but the times when I don't, they bother me.
I'm defintely going to try this! :)

aaminahs mom said...

Thaks for this post!!!!i use bottled lemon juice and baking works once the baking soda conducts with the acid(any type)...will get some acv just bought another bottle of the lemon juice.... i normally go with a bubble scrubby** every other mani or so...especially after blues and greens **=new word or ?

Cel said...

Wow, this is an amazing tip, thank you so much. To be honest I used to have a yellowing problem in the past but haven't since I started using base coat. But if I get stains from a polish, I will definitely try this out.

Veronica said...

Wow this is great! I will definitely try this =]

DesertNails8 said...

What a great idea and it uses safe ingredients! I've been using 4 denture cleaning tablets in a small bowl of warm water when my nails get stained from the blues/greens/browns. I only do that about a half dozen times a year because I worry a bit about what chemicals might be in such a thing as to bleach nails in 10 minutes. Your idea sounds much safer. Thanks for sharing!

Millie said...

Wow, I havent heard of this one before! Ive used denture tablets too but they dont seem to be strong enough? I cant seem to find the reason for my staining (although it's not too bad). I cant think of 1 polish that caused it and I never go without nailtek foundation so not sure. Maybe its the toluene in my Seche Restore that I used to thin the NT Foundation?

l0verlada said...

@hitttscaila- I usually wear polish so I don't notice the yellowing but I would love to be able to rock a plain ol' french or sheer without worrying :(

@ aaminahs mom- Ooh, I've never tried lemon juice! I have some in my fridge, I'll give that a whirl next time. And I love the new word usage!

@Cel- I truthfully don't wear a base 90% of the time. I haven't found one I'm in love with yet and I just seem to forget it! My nails have been pretty much non-stop polished for years though so the yellowing isn't so bad considering.

@DesertNail- I got the idea because I use BS and ACV to clean basically everything and it's great for stain removal. One day while cleaning it clicked in my head!

@Millie- I didn't really care for denture tablets. I felt like I needed a couple of them per hand to get decent results and they aren't as cheap as I'd like. Not sure on the cause, mine is always a green or blue polish.

Neya said...

Thank you!
I had really no problems with nail polish stains when using a base coat with pure acetone from C.B. Sullivan. But I switched recently to Walmart brand nail polish remover and I swear it actually helps cause nail polish stains!
Ive stained my toes HOT pink and my fingers black this past week. I have been trying everything to remove it! I'm going to try this today!

You're a life saver!

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